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At Coolhouse Botanics, we focus on formulating with greater purpose, because from poor sleep to pain, stress to low spirits – the world needs more natural solutions for everyday health and wellness. The Coolhouse founders are committed to developing and providing trusted CBD-based products that are safe and easy to use – to help people and pets get the most out of every day.

Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems with CBD

We believe we’ve all been living too long with the side effects of chemicals and pills, so we started Coolhouse to provide natural CBD-based alternatives as effective ways to improve overall health and wellness without relying on synthetic ingredients. Our botanic-based brands work naturally with our own physiology to provide real results.

While there are still consumer questions, nothing can go head-to-head with CBD for its natural, chemical-free benefits. So we set out to change perceptions and deliver safe, natural solutions with no detectable THC.

Our research learnings clearly showed the market desire for effective product delivery methods, ease-of-use and the need for safe solutions from a trusted brand.

Our Patent-pending BotaniTek™ Formulations with Broad-spectrum CBD

We’ve focused our R&D on broad-spectrum CBD, which maintains the multiplying benefits of several cannabinoids, but with no detectable THC. It’s the foundation of all Coolhouse products.

Our experienced scientists have developed our patent-pending BotaniTek™ formulation to deliver exacting results. Our BotaniTek™ Intellectual Property (IP) combines the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD from American-grown hemp with additional natural ingredients – using unique blueprints to map to both human and pet, along with specific wellness challenges.

We do things in a very authentic, transparent and empathetic way. With targeted therapies to solve real problems for real people in a very real, human way. We want them to clearly see that our products, services and people are the new standard in the industry and that by partnering with us, they will win.

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